marriage is a agreement between two people and God. Marriage is all about happiness, support, sadness etc regardless of same gender partners. Gay marriage has finally been legalized in some countries including South Africa even though society still finds it as a disgusting thing.

Society is still struggling with accepting the fact that everyone is allowed to marry who ever they love or desire to have future with. Gay couples are still facing the reality of being chased away from churches and being humiliated in the public but not as much as before the legalization of same gender marriage because now the state have created rights and constitution that protects them.

Some people wonder how it feels being on same gender marriage, well there isn’t that much of a difference except execution of sexual activities besides that there is no difference. Same gender marriage still requires support of the community, friends and family which in most of the time they don’t get.

What do friends and families of gay couples think? Most of them are not supportive at all as they believe that God created male and female not only one gender, so they believe they are living against bible or what God wants which is why they discriminate them and most of the gay couples are disowned by their families and friends which makes it difficult to be a gay.

Gay couples needs acceptance in the society and support so that they too can feel free and get happiness. South African government have established variety of campaigns to create awareness and promote peace for gay couples. Ever since the establishment of campaigns there are many people disclosing their status from political members to celebraties and they are now working together to create a better society for all and to prove the strategy is working there are international gay couples who comes to get married in the country especially in cape town.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

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