Entrepreneurship is the key to success in any country and that’s where the government get it’s revenue through taxation. Many people have desire of owning their own enterprises but they pull back as soon as they realises the hardship and responsibilities comes with it.

Being an entrepreneur is certainly not for everyone as there are kind of personality and qualities you must have in order to survive. The first thing to have is                              passion without passion every time you encounter some problems you will give up                   flexibility is very important because being an entrepreneur requires you to adapt and adjust to any situation that you might encounter.                                                Vision is a must have because it helps in terms of where to you want your growth to reach.                Disciplines for your business to grow effectively you have to learn separating financials of the business from personal no matter how small your business may be
The listed points above are just few things you must contain when venturing into business. People need to make research as much as possible about what kind of entity they wanna venture into and what legitimate departments are assisting entrepreneurs out there.

The good news is that now there are many government and non government organizations which are helping people with their business and providing all information needed about running a business. I urge people to exhaust all facilities they can access in helping them to establish their own enterprises.

Government need more tax in order to provide effective and quality service to the society so there more business establishment’s the better society we have as the unemployment rate will drops and inequality never mention the dropping in the crime rate. I urge people to help one another and support local business as that will uplift them as well at the end of day.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

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