Confusion in people lifes brings nothing but pain and self destruction. People says it’s impossible to grow without ambitions, goals and vision because you would not have any reason to live for which is true. 

Reality is that there are children who don’t know what they want out of life, they have no career choice because they don’t know their capabilities and abilities, they have no goals as they are not inspired at all, most importantly they have no vision of what they can achieve as nothing is motivating them to even attempt.

Many of those children don’t finish school not to mention the thought of getting tertiary education. It is well proven that without education the future is dull and yet many children out there are still thrown in that dull future. The question is that how can one help those children? Well at the young age it’s difficult for a child to know what they want so they have to be exposed to all kinds of career fields.

There is a crucial need for development facilities that will assist and develop the character of a child at that younger age even motivational speakers are very essential, as soon as a child is able to comprehend in terms of communication then that children can be motivated through speaking but of course at the level of children hood.

Another important thing is career exhibitions because that gives a child whole lot of exposure to different kinds of fields and what exactly to expect, in that way it will even stop this thing of approximately all children wanting to become doctors or soldiers.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

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