Have you ever been in a situation where you have friends and you socialize but you feel like they don’t understand you? They never see or realized the situation the way as you? If so what happens?

Well if you are in those situations then know that you are not alone infect lot of people are experiencing that. People who are experiencing those situations most often they decide to isolate themselves from public and note that isolation can happen to any one whether introvert or extrovert. People suffering from social isolation most often feels so lonely and feel like no one cares about even when that’s not the case.

Is social isolation a condition that can be treated? Well being social isolated is not something that a human being is meant to have, so it is a condition and can be treated. Public sees people suffering from this isolation condition as weird just because they don’t understand what social isolation is. Most often the society consider people with social isolation as introvert’s and you also find that people suffering from this condition call themselves introvert’s which is completely different thing because introversion is not a condition it’s just a natural personality.

People need to learn more about this condition so that people with this condition can get help they need and support. The problem that makes people with social isolation condition to never get help is because they never admits that they are isolated and they never considere this as a condition needing specialist attention.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.


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