Have you ever been in the situation whereby everything you do or try to do just fail and sometimes it just fail while it’s still just an idea.

People often tell you to just keep pushing until something comes up but you feel like they don’t understand your situation because as far as your concern there is nothing to push. The most painful thing with failing is when you keep failing something that everyone get to succeed in, you end up thinking that there is something wrong with you and just give up to save all the disappointments.

Sometimes at your work you would just decide to give everything you have to perfect whatever job you do but at the end of the day your hard work is criticised and unacknowledged whereby your colleague just do for the sake of finishing yet their work looks better than yours, if that’s the case than what do you do? And what does it even mean?

Many people every beginning of the year they plan what they want to achieve for that particular year so that at the end they can scale their success but what happens if you achieve absolute non of them? Is that a normal thing or is there something wrong with you?

None the less most of people out there achieve their goals by luck and Mercy even though they hate to admite. Hard work is important only when you got that opportunity or platform of implementing.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

3 thoughts on “HOW FAR CAN YOU FAIL?”

  1. Very interesting read! I think you have to try as much as you can to achieve your goals & work Smart not just Hard. If you don’t achieve them then you take all the lessons you learned from it & adjust your plans accordingly. There’s always a lesson in “failure”, even if it’s painful. Great post 👏🏾

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