Valentine’s day is about showing love and appreciation to your partner and just enjoying each other regardless of issues you might be having. So people think they can’t enjoy Valentine’s day just because they don’t have money to buy their partners gift’s where else that is not the case because there are so many ways in which they can express their love even by just saying I LOVE YOU to your partner it might mean a lot to them as many of them those are the words they don’t get to hear regularly.

The question here is DO PEOPLE ONLY SHOW LOVE ON THIS DAY ONLY? and the answer is yes, most of them do which is not how it is supposed to be because everyone appreciate to be loved everyday not just one day. People need to get used to appreciating their partners on daily basis, I know sometimes love do feel like it fades away and it becomes little hard to show love as you might have lost interest or not feeling the need to do so any more. It is important to find ways of keeping the fire burning between you and your partner and maintain that spark because once the spark or that fire stops burning that’s where you start hearing I LOVE YOU only on Valentine’s day and maybe not even meaning that but saying for the sake of everyone is saying that.

Valentine’s day is about partners, girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife showing love to each other and reinforcing their love to each other but now what happens to bachelor’s or those with no girl/ boy friend? Are they excluded from celebration? Well my opinion is that even if you are not dating just take a opposite gender friend out and enjoy just like everyone else and don’t allow the pressure of not having a date get to you as it might result in you taking someone you don’t really like for the sake of closing the gap then you add to the number of those who only say I LOVE YOU to their partners only on Valentine’s day.

Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

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