Starting life on new slit.

Fresh start has never been easy for most of people because they live by the say of better what you know than what you don’t even though they could feel that their current situation is not working out but just the fear not knowing what’s next should they change their current position. Having to dwell in the past that didn’t even work for you is like taking few steps back in your life because that’s a guarantee of failure in life because you are not benefiting anything.

People must learn to let go of their past and just start over on the clean slit regardless of what they might have done in their past. In life when you want to start over you require to have vision of kind of new future that you want and all of achievements you want and most importantly how are going to achieve all of that. In short I just want people not to be afraid of letting go of their past and starting over new life even if it means letting go of your friends and other hobbies, if it means be so let it be so.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

24 thoughts on “Starting life on new slit.”

  1. I’ve moved on. But this post would have probably rubbed me the wrong way when I was suffering. There are things in life that are too hard to let go. In my case, it was not only the past but also family members who should have understood but refused. A family who… 🙂 nevermind too depressing. Haha 😀 but basically, I agree. You need to let go, accept the past before you can truly move on or start anew.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing and I am glad that you found a way of moving forward as dwelling in the past would not do any positivity on your life. There are many people out there who were in same situation and never knew how to deal with it so Jessica do help try to help people who struggles to let past go as you were able to let go.

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  2. Such truth. Starting over can be refreshing but one must ensure he or she also changes their mindset and heals from the past as doing so or else it will be for nothing because the same patterns will emerge. A true clean start means shifting perspective and looking with a pair of fresh eyes, an open mind, and a clear heart!

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  3. I’m going to take a wild guess at your name, and say Tsepo! Yes? No? 🙂 Anyway, I’m hope to learn in time as I catch up with your blog.
    But you are so right about letting of the past, though it’s not easy.

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  4. …Sometimes it is very hard to let go of your past, especially if you think that there is something that you have missed or not done quite the way you wanted. But as they say, making mistakes in our history is just a part of our lives, something that is relevant and important for us to grow, to make an experience. I mean, if you never failed before, how can you know what is good, or what is bad? And how would we learn anything if not (unfortunately) from our own mistakes?…

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    1. Thanks for reading! You right mistakes are here to help us grow and is important to learn from your mistakes and other peoples mistakes. When it comes to letting go of your past no matter how hard it is you have to do it because trust me dwelling in past tense will never do any good.

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  5. Very important points raised! It can be difficult to let go but we have to decide whether we want to continue going in the same trajectory or transform our future for the better. That sometimes requires us cutting off old friends who don’t add value to our lives. Great post 💜


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