People out there often choose to take easy way out of every situation they find themselves in. Now there are people out there who are soft talkers and they even look easy and sometimes they might find it little bit difficult to make huge decision about everything another thing they are so sympathetic in such way sometimes they get worried about other people around them more than they do about themselves. This kind of people are always willing to help other people even when they have decided not to because if they could help but didn’t they just get this guilty feeling and start questioning if are they bad people or not and if only they helped out what could have situation been.

This kind of people are usually taken advantage of by the majority because whenever something has happened and someone needs to take blame they are pushed at front which is not fair at all. Most of people likes having them around so that they could use them as a shield and always look good at their expenses for example as for many men likes looking smart and clever in front of girls so what they would normally do is actually making this kind of guy look dump in front of a girl so that all the spotlight may shine on him at the expense of the poor guy and in many situations this kind of people lacks verbal defense skills that is why they are taken advantage of in so many levels.

Now the question is if there is this kind of person around you what do you do? What kind of person are you and what kind of life experience can you present? Are you always conscious about the way you treat people around you and your reaction to those you feel like are taking advantage of you?. Guys please let’s stop taking advantage of people just because they lack verbal defense skills or we are more powerful than they are or whatever the case might be let’s just respect one another and create peaceful environment for all and by the way this kind of people we just wrote about are more blessed because the BIBLE says give and you shall be given to you so this kind of people are givers.


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

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