It’s Really Up To You

One word can start a friendship,

One kiss a love affair,

One smile can bring you laughter,

One hug can show you care,

One wave of your hand can say hello,

One tear can make you cry,

One gentle touch can warm a heart,

One dream can make you fly,

One song can bring back memories,

One thought sees brighter days,

One wish can bring colourful rainbows,

One good deed can bring you praise,

One moon can light your darkness,

One star can guide your soul,

One step will start each journey,

One hope to make your goal,

One hand to hold in friendship,

One heart that’s kind and true,

One Love… One friend, is all you need,

it’s really up to you.

Originally written by shelagh Bullman


Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

5 thoughts on “It’s Really Up To You”

    1. Generally I get inspiration from variety of stuff because even when I read your blog or any other meaningful blog or article there would just be something I take there and relate then get inspired to write an article or just blog about that but my biggest inspiration comes from God because my God has helped me to get through so much. Thank you ❤.


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