Look not back on your yesterday

or what you have left behind.

For only today is yours to claim,

and this moment only is your time.
Fret not on what has been

or on what has passed you by.

Yesterday is far behind you.

You can’t change it if you try.
New opportunities await you.

They come with each new day,

So look ahead with faith and hope,

and blessings will come your way.
Keep faith alive in your heart.

Live ful and live well each day.

Do all the good for all you can

to all those who pass your way.
Yesterday is out of your reach 

and tomorrow is not yours to claim

Only this moment belongs to you.

So use it wisely, in JESUS NAME.

Originally Written by Lenora mcwhorter

Author: tsepotheview

I'm a very calm kind of person who is passionate about writing.

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