A confidential document reveals that South African nuclear programme kicks of in June when Eskom issues a formal request for proposal’s from companies bidding for estimated R1 trillion contract, the city press newspaper reported on Sunday.
The nuclear deals for which Russian company Rosatom was widely considered to be the front runner-was , according to senior national treasure official “directly related” to president jocob Zuma axing of finance minister privan gordhan and his deputy mcebisi Jonas, the newspaper reported.

“It is well known that gordhan was against the project as he said the country couldn’t afford it. Eskom will be issuing a request for proposals in June and that really is the beginning of procurement. Privan gordhan had to go because he was going to block it again”.

The internal eskom document dated three days before gordhan and jonas axed revealed a tight timeline for the programme that would see four plants built to provide 9600 megawatts of electricity to the country.

After the request for proposals was issued in June, the deadline for bids was September, for evaluation in December. The winning bidder would be decided in March 2018 and the contract signed between December next year and March 2019.

The documents also revealed that most of the major nuclear contracts would be implemented through” turnkey ” procurement, which officials were concerned about

This in for was taken from other news sources.


Confusion in people lifes brings nothing but pain and self destruction. People says it’s impossible to grow without ambitions, goals and vision because you would not have any reason to live for which is true. 

Reality is that there are children who don’t know what they want out of life, they have no career choice because they don’t know their capabilities and abilities, they have no goals as they are not inspired at all, most importantly they have no vision of what they can achieve as nothing is motivating them to even attempt.

Many of those children don’t finish school not to mention the thought of getting tertiary education. It is well proven that without education the future is dull and yet many children out there are still thrown in that dull future. The question is that how can one help those children? Well at the young age it’s difficult for a child to know what they want so they have to be exposed to all kinds of career fields.

There is a crucial need for development facilities that will assist and develop the character of a child at that younger age even motivational speakers are very essential, as soon as a child is able to comprehend in terms of communication then that children can be motivated through speaking but of course at the level of children hood.

Another important thing is career exhibitions because that gives a child whole lot of exposure to different kinds of fields and what exactly to expect, in that way it will even stop this thing of approximately all children wanting to become doctors or soldiers.


Entrepreneurship is the key to success in any country and that’s where the government get it’s revenue through taxation. Many people have desire of owning their own enterprises but they pull back as soon as they realises the hardship and responsibilities comes with it.

Being an entrepreneur is certainly not for everyone as there are kind of personality and qualities you must have in order to survive. The first thing to have is                              passion without passion every time you encounter some problems you will give up                   flexibility is very important because being an entrepreneur requires you to adapt and adjust to any situation that you might encounter.                                                Vision is a must have because it helps in terms of where to you want your growth to reach.                Disciplines for your business to grow effectively you have to learn separating financials of the business from personal no matter how small your business may be
The listed points above are just few things you must contain when venturing into business. People need to make research as much as possible about what kind of entity they wanna venture into and what legitimate departments are assisting entrepreneurs out there.

The good news is that now there are many government and non government organizations which are helping people with their business and providing all information needed about running a business. I urge people to exhaust all facilities they can access in helping them to establish their own enterprises.

Government need more tax in order to provide effective and quality service to the society so there more business establishment’s the better society we have as the unemployment rate will drops and inequality never mention the dropping in the crime rate. I urge people to help one another and support local business as that will uplift them as well at the end of day.


Failure is the most important part of our life even though we all hate it. In order to consider your self successful you must have been achieved something’s that others have failed to achieve. Beside if there were no failures in life then there wouldn’t be much to live for, real life it’s all about overcoming challenges, failing sometimes and just pushing.

The fact is everyone do have weaknesses which is being explored every now and then which sot of guarantees that some how somewhere you will fail. The question that matters is that, is there anyone who is born to fail? And why other people seem to always fail in everything they try to do?

Well the truth is no one is born to be a failure because each and everyone is born with a purpose. The most important thing is to know exactly your strengths and weaknesses in that way you will know what you can handle and what you can’t in life. People who always experience failure in their lifes most of them they don’t know what they want in life and they don’t know what are their strengths and weaknesses and most importantly they don’t understand the fact that in life sometimes you don’t get exactly what you want so you have to compromise.

Perseverance, hardworking and good attitude are the best tools that you can use in order to neutralize failure. No matter what you are doing or how small or seems useless it is… if you don’t persevere or put good attitude towards that thing you are increasing chances of failure which is why staying focus at all times is another tool of defeating failure in your life.

Life would be boring if people had no fear of failing when doing things. No one would put more effort when doing things because the results would be already known, if failure did not exist there wouldn’t be anything to conquer and most importantly failing does destroy other peoples lifes but again having not anything to conquer in life would just be meaningless.


marriage is a agreement between two people and God. Marriage is all about happiness, support, sadness etc regardless of same gender partners. Gay marriage has finally been legalized in some countries including South Africa even though society still finds it as a disgusting thing.

Society is still struggling with accepting the fact that everyone is allowed to marry who ever they love or desire to have future with. Gay couples are still facing the reality of being chased away from churches and being humiliated in the public but not as much as before the legalization of same gender marriage because now the state have created rights and constitution that protects them.

Some people wonder how it feels being on same gender marriage, well there isn’t that much of a difference except execution of sexual activities besides that there is no difference. Same gender marriage still requires support of the community, friends and family which in most of the time they don’t get.

What do friends and families of gay couples think? Most of them are not supportive at all as they believe that God created male and female not only one gender, so they believe they are living against bible or what God wants which is why they discriminate them and most of the gay couples are disowned by their families and friends which makes it difficult to be a gay.

Gay couples needs acceptance in the society and support so that they too can feel free and get happiness. South African government have established variety of campaigns to create awareness and promote peace for gay couples. Ever since the establishment of campaigns there are many people disclosing their status from political members to celebraties and they are now working together to create a better society for all and to prove the strategy is working there are international gay couples who comes to get married in the country especially in cape town.


Being an introvert is something that most of people see as a cool thing. Introverts are known as very calm, mature, thinking before acting which is a good thing. Most of introverts are paying close attention to everything they do and they do it to the best of their abilities.

The question that matters is that how quite should introverts be? People find them very boring and in most of the time they have no friends and they can get very lonely but not as much as you may think because after all they do enjoy spending time alone. Introverts are seen as most easy people to be taken advantage of and in most cases they are subjected to being bullied especially in public places because they known to be unable to defend themselves especially in the crowd.

Items of friendship wise Introverts may be seen as most untrusting and and not disclosing of their emotions and what they are feeling at the moment which is very true. Gaining trust of an introverted person is very hard as they are not kind of an open people. 

Introverts in most of the time they bottle their emotions rather than sharing them which is why they may give an perception of not trusting people even though that may not be the case. The good thing about befriending introverts is that they are very loyal and once you gained their trust you can go a very long way.

People often refer themselves as introverts where else they know nothing about being an introvert. They have no idea of what it means to be an introvert, they only refers themselves as introverts just because of the dignity that comes with being introverted.

People needs to understand that if a person is Introverted and can’t actually cope well in the crowd it doesn’t mean that is an opportunity for you to show your superior or charm other people using that person.